Orphan: First Kill

Coming Soon!

A prequel to the 2009 movie 'Orphan'.

Julia Stiles - Actress
Isabelle Fuhrman - Esther
Rossif Sutherland - Actor
Hiro Kanagawa - Donnan
Stephanie Sy - Flight Attendant
Jade Michael - Madison
Lauren Cochrane - Officer Leahy
Erik Athavale - Orderly
Matthew Finlan - Gunnar
Andrea del Campo - Betsy
Sarah Luby - Receptionist
Bradley Sawatzky - Officer Kusnetsov
Morgan Easton-Fitzgerald - Young Esther
Alicia Johnston - Karen
Parker Bohotchuk - Teen Partier

William Brent Bell - Director
David Coggeshall - Writer
Justin Bursch - Executive In Charge Of Production
Ashley Contino - Post Supervisor
Ethan Erwin - Producer
Isabelle Fuhrman - Associate Producer
Kyle Irving - Executive Producer
David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick - Executive Producer
Alex Mace - Producer
Victor Moyers - Executive Producer
Hal Sadoff - Producer
Karim Hussain - Cinematographer
Josh Ethier - Editor
Carmen Kotyk - Casting Director
Matthew Davies - Production Designer

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Orphan: First Kill Coming Soon!