Everybody's Talking About Jamie is in Theaters February 26, 2021! - Feature film adaptation of the musical about a teenager from Sheffield, England who wants to be a drag queen.

Max Harwood - Jamie New
Lauren Patel - Pritti Pasha
Richard E. Grant - Hugo Battersby / Loco Chanelle
Sharon Horgan - Miss Hedge
Sarah Lancashire - Margaret New
Shobna Gulati - Ray
Ralph Ineson - Wayne New
Samuel Bottomley - Dean Paxton
Ramzan Miah - Zayn Sharma
Zane Alsaroori - Sayid
Gareth Joyner - Myra DuBois
Alex Anstey - Laika Virgin
Daniel Wallace - Tray Sophisticay
Dannie Pye - Matty
Shameem Ahmad - Mrs. Mahenthiralingam

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Jonathan Butterell - Director
Tom MacRae - Writer (screenplay by)
Dan Gillespie Sells - Writer
Peter Balm - Executive Producer
Daniel Battsek - Executive Producer
Peter Carlton - Producer
Mark Herbert - Producer
Natalie Lehmann - Executive Producer
Ollie Madden - Executive Producer
Cat Marshall - Associate Producer
Arnon Milchan - Executive Producer
Yariv Milchan - Executive Producer
Barry Ryan - Co-Producer
Michael Schaefer - Executive Producer
Niall Shamma - Executive Producer
Jes Wilkins - Executive Producer
Dan Gillespie Sells - Composer
Christopher Ross - Cinematographer
Mark Everson - Editor
Shaheen Baig - Casting Director
Jane Levick - Production Designer

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Everybody's Talking About Jamie Everybody's Talking About Jamie is in Theaters February 26, 2021!