The Bob's Burgers Movie

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In Theaters May 27, 2022!

The Belchers' trying to save the restaurant from closing as a sinkhole forms in front of it while the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family's restaurant.

H. Jon Benjamin - Bob Belcher (voice)
John Roberts - Linda Belcher (voice)
Dan Mintz - Tina Belcher (voice)
Eugene Mirman - Gene Belcher (voice)
Kristen Schaal - Louise Belcher (voice)
Zach Galifianakis - Actor
Kevin Kline - Calvin Fischoeder
David Wain - Actor
Larry Murphy - Teddy (voice)
Sam Seder - Hugo (voice)
Eugene Shawn - Customer (voice)

Loren Bouchard - Director
Bernard Derriman - Director
Loren Bouchard - Writer
Jim Dauterive - Writer
Nora Smith - Writer
Loren Bouchard - Producer
Janelle Momary - Producer
Nora Smith - Producer
Ruben Hickman - Production Designer

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The Bob's Burgers Movie In Theaters May 27, 2022!